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7 Unusual Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Unusual Foods That Lower Blood Pressure – “Quiet enemy” — that is the way the medical community often refers to hypertension. And the reason is as straightforward as it’s scary: 90% of people with high blood pressure do not have signs and because they get the diagnosis just after suffering a stroke or a heart attack. All this drama could be averted. And for this you do not even need to take medicine, as a lot of people think. In most cases, a better fate for blood vessels is dependent on followup with the cardiologist and the suitable choice of foods on the menu.

“A balanced diet, coupled with physical exercise, is frequently enough to prevent and even control hypertension,” says cardiologist Marcus Malachias. That being said, it is time to show seven foods that are in evidence in the study centers for their ability to leave the arteries free from suffocation. See if it is worthwhile for breakfast, dinner, lunch, or dinner.

1. Wheat bran


It is a simple fact that grain and whole grains should appear regularly in the menu when you would like to bar the constriction of blood vessels. In the end, they can be excellent sources of fiber, compounds which make it difficult to absorb fats and bad cholesterol. By engaging in this cleansing of their arteries, these foods help the blood flow without dirt on the way. “This set of nourishment have a direct impact on the relaxation of vessels,” says nutritionist Nairana Borim of the Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital.

Suggested consumption: Sprinkle 2 tbsp of the bran on sugars, fruits, or salty foods.

2. Strawberry


Over 14 Decades, scientists from the universities of East Anglia in England and Harvard in the USA have followed the habits of about 156,000 people. After that time, they saw an 8% drop in the risk of hypertension among strawberry lovers and other fruits. The merit seems to come from an antioxidant that gives color to such berries, the anthocyanin. “It operates on reducing LDL molecules, bad cholesterol, and raising Hdl, the good edition, which benefits circulation,” explains Nairana. “In addition, this substance struggles the inflammatory process involved in cardiovascular disease,” she adds. Anyone who wants to change will find leftover anthocyanins in different fruits, such as blackberry and strawberry.

Drinking Suggestion: Contain 5 berries for breakfast or take the organic fruit juice after meals.

3. Pumpkin seed

Pumpkin seed

Size is no problem, for this little seed is packed with nutrients. One of these is potassium, a nutrient famous for improving the elasticity of vessels. Based on nutritionist Maria Freitas, it’s also worth highlighting the presence of the vitamins a and e, fibers, magnesium and fats of the good. Conclusion: the groundwork potentiated the action of antihypertensive medications, making blood pressure adjustment easier.

4. Egg white

Egg white

Despite raising more questions than providing answers, research from the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain finds that egg white proteins have a sudden vasodilating property — depending on the amino acids, the arteries relax 70% more. “It’s now required to check whether these beneficial molecules remain stable during cooking, so we will know if it is far better to eat the egg white raw or cooked,” states the cardiologist Heno Lopes. While we do not have this data, the recommendation is to incorporate the egg in a balanced diet, providing preference to the white part.

Suggestion for consumption: try putting water in the skillet instead of fat or fry the egg with hardly any vegetable oil.

5. Soybean


The spotlight goes back into the soybean, the most illustrious substance of the grain worshiped by Asians and famous for silencing unwanted menopause symptoms. After reviewing a batch of posts starring soybean, scientists have realized that their ingestion relieves blood traffic. According to the cardiologist Marcus Malachias, soybean is not just a fantastic vasodilator. “It prevents aggression factors for the arteries, such as cholesterol and glucose, from stimulating the formation of plaques inside their internal layers, protecting them from clogging,” the doctor explains. With no hindrances in its trajectory, the blood flows more easily and the pressure will stay in the perfect measure.

Suggestion of consumption: cook 1 cup of grain tea and use it as a substitute for the bean or in salads.

6. Guarana

For many years, Amazon native fruit along with other caffeine-rich foods have been labeled as dangerous to the arteries. Actually, however, is that no research has confirmed its connection to hypertension. Quite the opposite. In a group of 637 people over 60 followed from the Federal universities of Santa Maria, that reported frequently drinking a combination of guarana powder, water and a dash of sugar or honey were less obese and had, in lower frequency, higher blood pressure. “The accumulation of fat boosts vascular changes that could culminate in hypertension,” explains biogerontologist Ivan Cruz. A message for the ones that control their blood pressure with medications: guarana must only be used if the physician recommends it.

Suggested consumption: add 1/2 tsp of guarana powder to fruit juices and drink in the afternoon.

7. Watermelon


For those who have the borderline high blood pressure, this can be a fruit that warrants a captive place in the diet. The proposal comes from researchers at the University of Florida in the USA after detecting the impact of daily doses of fruit infusion on subjects with prehypertension, the point that precedes the disease itself, for six weeks. Responsible for the feat is a chemical that appears in watermelon, l-citrulline. “From the body, it turns into a different molecule that contributes to the creation of nitric oxide, a natural gas that calms the wall of blood vessels,” explains Malachias. Now, experts are attempting to delineate how to make the best use of this anti-hypertension ingredient — could it be in juice, or in the fruit itself?

Suggested consumption: taste 1 small slice of fruit .

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The primary opponents of blood pressure

When some foods help to rule out or minimize hypertension, others function as accurate triggers and worsen the disease. This is the event of this trio beneath, considered a bomb to the health of the arteries.

  • Salt: Americans use over double the recommended 5 g daily. In exaggeration, sodium causes your body to retain water and pressure to remove.
  • Alcohol: in small doses — it will nicely. Too much sugar favors obesity, a state already linked to the compression of their arteries.



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