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12 Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss – The copious meals, the candies, that little piece of alcohol… Christmas always leaves a rosary of kilos that we must remove in January. With these twelve tricks, rest assured that the diet is likely to be more bearable…

Be sensible

Set yourself achievable goals and do not intend to achieve the measures of Gisele Bündchen at a month. At first, which is more than enough.

Learn to say”no, thank you”

Don’t eat a piece of cake or order a copious meal just because it’s more suitable than saying”no”. If you don’t want something that’s going to make you gain weight, learn how to reject it in an elegant and courteous way.

Reduce your food portions

Try to use the smallest dishes you’ve got in the kitchen. Or, better yet, have just small plates available to eat. It’s a simple way to regulate the amount of food that you’re likely to eat.

Sleep at least eight hours

Sleeping is the perfect way for idle people to lose weight. If you sleep you do not eat and, over, you regulate the appetite hormone. Do not miss the opportunity to sleep eight hours each night.

Slow down

Eating is not a race. If you eat too quickly, the body will not digest well and you will end up gaining weight. Chew the food well and give the brain time to send the signal that you are happy.

Make purchases when you are not hungry

Don’t go to the supermarket at lunchtime. This way you can avoid buying with your own eyes and pitching to the cart products that are not suitable for a diet.

Get a pet

Pet owners have less stress than those who don’t. A pet will make you maneuver and be fit.

Give yourself some tastes

The hardest thing about a diet would be to deprive yourself of all you like. But when the regime is quite strict it is simple for you to wind up abandoning it. The best thing is to let yourself little treats.

Clean your house

The time you spend cleaning your home may be used as a mini-stomach-cruncher. Try to maintain a good posture and the gut contracted. This way you can make the most of all of the time of their domestic tasks.

Do not weigh yourself on Saturday

If you do it and you have lost weight you may feel justified so as to relax. And that’s counterproductive because on Monday you are going to need to start over from scratch. It is better to consider yourself throughout the week, while fasting and always in exactly the exact same time.

Activate your mind

Thinking, reading, solving a puzzle or doing sudoku are workouts for the mind and also burn calories. Both of these options is better than lying on the sofa watching television with the horizontal encephalogram.

Just keep warm

The heating creates our body combat less against temperature changes and doesn’t waste calories at that undertaking. If you want to lose weight, the ideal thing is that you don’t get overly warm or overuse the heating in winter.

And much more!

  • The water that you drink. Drinking little makes the mind think that you are hungry, when what your body has is hunger. You have to drink two liters a day.
  • The sugar. And not just the one you add in java.
  • “moderate” food. That a product is light does not mean that it does not fatten. The decrease in calories in these products is about a maximum of 30 per cent, but eating them excess means that the decrease in calories does not appreciate.


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