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10 Healthy Soups to Warm Up Your Body

Healthy Soups to Warm Up Your Body – One of the very yummy and healthy techniques to combat the cold is a warm soup. Most of the times it’s a vegetable soup or a chicken broth. However, the entire world of soups doesn’t end there, far from it! Listed below are ten cold-fighting soup ideas for you:

Broccoli and blue cheese soup

Perfect as a first course at dinner or lunch and particularly indicated at this time of year, since the high vitamin C content of broccoli protects us from annoying colds.

Its preparation is very simple. Later add the broccoli, cook it all and move it through the blender.

The secret is not to over cook the broccoli so that it conserves the maximum of its nutrients.

Castilian soup

If the weather intensifies and you fancy something warm, this recipe is for you. The protagonists of this soup are garlic, paprika and egg whites. It will take you half an hourbut it’s definitely worth it.

The basic actions to prepare it are: peel the garlic (remove the germ), chop and fry them. Add ham, sprinkle paprika and stir fry. Add one more liter of broth and bring everything to a boil.

You can serve the soup very, very hot and pour the egg so it is poached inside.

Spicy red lentil and spinach soup

This recipe is very special, since it includes turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and cayenne, in addition to the main ingredients: lentils and spinach.

Two ideal foods that complement each other very nicely. Lentils are an essential source of carbs and proteins, while spinach has high amounts of provitamin A and vitamins C and E, all antioxidant action.

If you cook for a long period, the lentils will melt nearly entirely, obtaining a very thick broth.

Red pepper and saffron soup

This recipe is not only delicious, it is also one of the most complete from the nutritional point of view. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates are found in garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggs and bread cubes.

Do not throw the juice resulting from roasting the peppers and put it in the soup halfway through cooking.

Mexican cabbage soup

Turn any dinner into a very unique one with this particular soup of chicken, cabbage and avocado. Its preparation is very simple, it does not require over 40 minutes and it is also very economical.

The shredded chicken contributes consistency into the soup, making this recipe a potential dish for dinner, in addition to a notable contribution of quality proteins.

Cut the avocado in half, remove the seed and part its pulp into slices. Not only will it provide a different touch, it will also increase the heart-healthy impacts of the soup.

Clams and rice soup

The clams monopolize the flavor of this delicious and healthy soup that also fits perfectly into a hypocaloric diet.

Whenever you have the broth of this clams ready, add a garlic with parsley, and cook it 2 minutes. Then add the juice of a lemon, and let stand 2 minutes before serving.

You may use frozen clams, which can be more economical. If you do, cook them without pre-soaking.

Julienne with prawns

A perfectly balanced mix between meals of animal and vegetable origin. Among the former, carrots, chard, leeks and celery are included; and involving the second ones, the prawns, important source of proteins, iron, phosphorus and iodine.

If you make the most of a frozen broth, you will have to season less since its flavor will be concentrated.

Cabbage soup with quinoa

We add minerals, such as magnesium or iron, and vitamins such as B2 (rivoflavin) or folic acid quinoa, with sulphur and vitamins A, C, B and E of cabbage. A cocktail that is warm and original and comforting.

Once you have cooked the quinoa, add it to the chopped potatoes, cabbage along with the carrot.

Extra: Remember that it is best to wash the quinoa before cooking itto prevent using a particular bitter taste.

Minestrone soup with noodles

Soft and sweet flavor as a result of the carrot, carrot with garlic, celery, onion and fried tomato. This soup is ideal for cold days, as its outstanding participation in vitamins and minerals helps to strengthen our immune system.

The way to prepare it? Sauté the onion, celery, garlic, carrots and fried tomato. To finish, add the noodles and green beans, which makes it to cook 10 minutes more.

You will not have completed until you give your personal touch, so salt and pepper to your liking and add a few basil leaves and peppermint.

Potato soup with poached egg

Certainly, with this soup you already have a complete dinner in 1 dish. With every spoonful you receive a good dose of carbs and proteins from the eggs and potatoes.

In addition, garlic, among other properties strengthens the immune system and also the onion helps recover from colds, thanks to its expectorant properties.

Add the poached eggs at the middle, sprinkle with paprika and simmer and serve it immediately, very hot.

A very complete alternative

The very first weeks of autumn bring the consequent temperatures fall, which nearly all appears to hit us suddenly and without warning. Suddenly, we went from shorts to a turtleneck sweater. And in the same way, we leave the gazpacho and the cold creams, giving way to the warm soups and the dishes of puchero.

And it is that what really wants is to warm up with a wealthy Castilian soup or a single of fish and rice. Now, even if it’s a simple dish, neither its own ingredients nor its elaboration ought to be neglected.

As you have seen in the soups of the gallery, these recipes include veggies, cereals in the form of pasta or bread, grains such as rice, potatoes, legumes, meat, eggs or fish. Therefore, while vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and fiber, the rest of nutritional supplements add protein, fat and energy, in addition to other minerals and vitamins.

Keys to a good soup

As simple as a recipe may be, the groundwork of its ingredients or the culinary techniques utilized can ruin the dish. In the Event of soups, so that the outcome is your very best, we suggest you take into account the following hints:

  • Cut the ingredients into small pieces. This will facilitate cooking and dispersing the taste and its own nutrients in the water.
  • Remove fats. Before taking the soup, it’s a good idea to remove with the fats that the meat releases, bones and skin that rise to the surface during cooking together with the skimmer.
  • Require the right amount of liquid. The excessive quantity of broth along with the high concentration of volatile aromatic substances in tiny quantities can establish the success of this recipe. They are the cornerstone of several soup recipes. Tomato, onion, garlic, olive oil, aromatic herbs and spices are frequently the key to success. The boiling time could be long (in the case of legumes ) or brief (fish and seafood).


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