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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight – The hot months, many of us resort to the supposed “bikini operation”, falling into real organic process nonsense to lose weight.

Let us start this article with a call to sanity: if you have to lose weight, visit an appointment with a dietitian-nutritionist of your own confidence. Do not look for magical solutions on the Internet, neither in”miracle” methods, nor in elixirs.

Start looking for a long-term change that improves your health, that suits you, your needs and your health history and circumstances.

The most Frequent mistakes when trying to lose weight (and how to solve them)

There’s so much disinformation and so many people doing business using all the weight of others that you need to understand these mistakes most of the people make when trying to lose weight and never repeat them. Listed below are five of these mistakes:

1. The wonder diets

The first blunder when it has to do with attempting to lose weight is precisely this: seek a miracle or a short-term outcome, falling for it in absurd diets or, worse, making our money on products and approaches that will harm us.

This would be the main mistake which should certainly occupy the first place. People who follow are not in order of significance, it is quite an enumeration of habitual crap.

2. Focusing on a specific nutrient

The second mistake is to focus on a particular nutrient, for example to not eat or decrease carbohydrates (Dukan), or to consume mostly carbohydrates (pronokal). Or to lose fat to a minimum (the starch solution).

Yes, there are so many”definitive solutions” that contradict each other, you shouldn’t abandon us too calm about those methods. Let’s stop looking at nutrition to look at food.

3. Trusting “light” foods

People tend to depend on the strategy of emphasizing their food on”light”, or”0%” products. All these products are by definition ultra-processed, otherwise they would not have a label on which to print those legends. They’re products which by definition shouldn’t have weight in a healthy diet.

The use of this term”light”, according to regulations, requires that the product entails no less than a caloric decrease of 30 percent with respect to the non-light version . That does not make something which is not healthy.

By way of instance,”light” potato chips will continue to take too much salt and fat of poor quality which we don’t find in a roasted or cooked potato. Or a”light” soda will probably have substituted sugar for sweeteners, which can be far from innocuous, and in no way be equated to water, and this is what we should be drinking instead.

On the other hand, the 0% products also tend to have an enclosed cat. It is most common to obtain a 0% fat yogurt, loaded instead of sugar, when fat wasn’t the problem in that product. Or some cookies with 0% added sugars, made with refined flours and with hydrogenated palm fat, also, again, with sweeteners.

4. Replacing food with smoothies or bars

Occupying the fourth position in this ranking, we have the mistake of trying to lose weight with replacement bars or meal replacements.

sugar. What does not enhance our diet at any stage, or bring about increase our wellbeing in the long term with healthy choices, which are pricey and also, their caloric consumption is not far from that of a salad nicely increased.

There is no reason when comparing the value and the nutrient quality of, for instance, a salad with a small number of chickpeas and also a substitute pub, because it could be an insult to the first one.

5. Believing in”Lose 10 kg in 5 days” schemes

The fifth place we’ll leave to the desperate solutions.

The maple syrup diet, beverage just shakes, spend the day using a green tea and an apple, be week eating pineapple and a few other similar solutions instantly come to mind. This sort of insanity only shreds our metabolism, so make us lose water and muscle mass, and we regain the weight once we stop doing barbarities.

Sustaining this kind of attitude with food at the long term can cause more important deficiencies or be a fantastic breeding ground to come up with a disorder of eating behaviour.

To complete this article, we return to the beginning. If you’re looking for a solution for your weight loss problem then the best idea is to allow a qualified professional counsel you, instruct you to maintain a long-term healthy diet, then make you self-sufficient to handle your food in any circumstance and help you improve not just your physical appearance, but also your health.


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