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10 Frozen Foods You’re Probably Storing Wrong

best ways to keep frozen foods fresh – Keep your favourite frozen foods last longer in the freezer using these smart storage tricks.

Bread: Wrap with care

Bread will dry out quickly in the fridge, but it freezes well for up to six months if wrapped in plastic, then foil. When placing the bread in the freezer, do not conquer the loaf. To crisp the crust up, remove the bread from its wrapping, thaw, then put into a 350°F oven for ten minutes.

Bacon: Freeze from the strip

If you over-buy bulk bacon and can’t use everything in time, be certain that the exact same problem doesn’t happen again together with your frozen strands. Tear off a long sheet of wax paper, then put a strip of bacon near the border. Twist the wax paper over so that the bacon is covered, then place another bacon strip next to the first. Continue folding single slices of bacon until you have a nice pile, with wax paper separating each slice.

Pies: Layer and label

Wrap in plastic and foil and label with a piece of tape, imagining the kind of filling and the date. When a pie has a tacky filling that is challenging to wrap, freeze the dish first and then wrap it. Watch out for all these 12 frozen foods you should avoid at all costs.

Herbs: Mince first

Wash the herb, then shake, and then pat dry with paper towels. Mince it and freeze in a plastic container. Additionally, fresh ginger root keeps well frozen. Put the ginger in a plastic bag and set in the freezer, grate it as needed.

Soup: Dole out into bags

A plastic storage container seems like the clear container for frozen soup or inventory, but they could actually be pretty finicky. Liquids expand when frozen, so filling it to the surface can burst the plastic, but leaving too much space in addition to leaves the batter exposed to freezer burnpoints out thekitchn.com. Your very best choice is to ladle portions into freezer bags so you can eliminate extra air while allowing room for expansion.

Ice cream: Use plastic wrap

To keep ice cream fresh and tasty after the first serving, press plastic wrap onto the face of the rest of the ice cream to prevent ice crystals from forming. Then replace the carton top and reunite the ice cream to the freezer. Do not allow an open container of ice cream sit in the freezer too long; it’s best eaten soon after it is bought.

Meat: Save labels

When rewrapping prepackaged meat for freezing, cut on the tag from the original wrapping and tape to the new bundle. You will have a listing of this cut of meat, its own weight, and the date of purchase. To prepare raw hamburger patties for freezing, then separate them with small plastic coffee-can tops, stack them in a pile, set them in a plastic bag, and seal. Freeze raw or cooked meatballs on a cookie sheet, then transfer them into a container, seal, and freeze. They will stay separate and also you may use as many as you need when you want them.

Eggs: Whisk first

That is right–you can extend the life span of your eggs by placing them in the freezer. There is one caveat, however: You should never freeze them at the shell. Rather, crack the eggs and whisk them together, suggests the USDA. You can whisk the yolks and whites separately or together, but the yolks in their own can get thick and syrupy from the freezer. Add a pinch of salt and 1.5 teaspoons of sugar to better their quality. On the flip side, these are 7 foods you should never keep in the freezer.

Bananas: Peel first

Overripe bananas keep well in the freezer until you are ready to use them in banana bread or a smoothie. It’s harder to take out the peel when it is frozen than when it is still fresh, therefore eliminate the peel first. Now you can either pop the whole, peeled bananas into a freezer bag, or cut them into slices. If you opt for the latter option, freeze them first on a wax paper-lined baking sheet before transferring them to bags so the pieces don’t stick together.

Vegetables: Start by blanching

Raw veggies have a unique property that makes them deteriorate from the freezer: They’ve low acidity, meaning enzyme action brings down their quality. Fortunately, blanching–partially cooking them in warm water–can impede the process, as stated by the USDA. When it starts boiling again, make use of the veggies to get a couple of minutes, using this advice from the National Center for Food Preservation as an outcome.


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